Please forget all my previous emails and commitments. Everything has changed now. Please see my new ideas on my website.

Please see changes in our Procedure in above 2 attachments  or same topics on this attachments.


Now we are also offering ISIN No. of already issued SBLC which will be monetized within 3 days of $50K remittance from the client and after its receipt in Provider Account. I cite here ISIN NO. XS1035751764 as an example to explain our procedure.


You can verify it through Google Search Engine by putting a question in “HOW TO VERIFY OR VALIDATE ISIN”

You will get many databases in reply. Verify above ISIN and find it is fake or real. 


I am copying below one database of Google Search for your understanding:


Add ISIN to Database

Click above and you will get following link:

then click ‘Validate ISIN’, then type or copy-paste our ISIN no, the result will be “ISIN is valid. 

On this page, you can enter a full ISIN you would like to validate.

Enter ISIN  

You will get reply that:

ISIN is valid.

One More Validation to find: ISSUING BANK NAME:


Please Add ISIN to Database

Click above and you will get following link:

Click the same link. Under the heading “Et cetera”, you will find



Click it, paste or type our ISIN, you will get Issuing Bank Name as,

“Barclays Bank”

In our Countersigned DOA, you will find above ISIN No. and Issuing Bank name as, BARCLAYS Bank as our Issuing Bank for your SBLC of $500M.

Moreover, our Monetizing bank in our Monetizing Contract also, you may find Deutsche Bank as our Monetizing Bank.
This will be your 2nd validation that our offer is not fake.
You have to remit $50K when you are satisfied that our offer is not fake.
I will send you DOA and other documents in a separate mail.
Kind Regards,  
Hussain Khan, M. A., Tokyo 
Skype ID: hkhanjp 
Mobile: 81-(0)80-8836-6905