We Require Upfront Fee

Sorry, there is no free lunch in the world. We require $50,000 Upfront Fee to issue and monetize a $500M SBLC and to Monetize it at 40% net LTV and give you a Non-Recourse (No-Payback) loan of $200 Millions for your Project Funding..

Our price is 10+2 for Lease and 45+2 for Purchase. We will deduct the cost 10+2 by offering you gross LTV of 52% and then deduct cost from it to give you net 40% available for cash remittance in a single Tranche within 3 to 5 days of receipt of your Upfront Fee in our Provider’s bank.

If you have no intention of paying any Upfront fee, then please try to find other Providers in the market which may be rarely available, as like us, almost all Providers are abandoning their Bank to Bank procedures based on BCL or POF, M799 Pre-Advice and BPU etc. We have abandoned all such waste of time. I wish you good luck, if you succeed in finding any such rarely available Provider.

But if you are ready to pay Upfront Fee Upfront Fee, we offer following measures for the protection and safety of your Upfront Fee.  

Our Available Measures for the Security of Your Upfront Fee

Salam Alaikum,

As regards Security of your $50,000, we've the following measures to offer before you make any payment to us::

1. A Refund Undertaking will be issued by the Receiver of your funds endorsed by a Sri Lankan Notary. It is because that we are also building some Towers in Sri Lanka and have good old relations with this Notary.

2. An ISIN NO. will be issued in our Contract. You can validate it by Google Search that it is not FAKE, rather an already-issued Banking Instrument.

3. 3 legal Contracts will be issued with our and your signatures. It will ensure that you can take legal action against us if we do not comply with these Contracts.

4. You will find details of our Accounts in different Top Primary banks of the world, such as HSBC, London and our Monetizing Bank will be Deutsche Bank, Spain.

5. You can get our Accounts ceased in such Top reputable Banks of the world, if we run away with your funds or do any hanky-panky in our dealings with you. These Banks will immediately stop operations with us, if you make any financial complaint against us.

6. Our Provider is a lady in Saint Lucia since last several years. You can visit there and find that she has not run away from her old home and office for the last several years remaining at the same place. A Scammer cannot remain at the same address for so long. He has to run away with client's money here and there.

7. Our Provider is always prepared to meet every client if he wants to meet her. Go and ask her proofs of past performance. Judge for yourself is this lady trustworthy to deposit your $50,000 with her or not.

8. Our strength is that we are both Providers of SBLC and also Monetizes at the same time. You cannot find such a combination with other Providers anywhere in the world.

All those measures are available for you to judge our trustworthiness before making your $50,000 payment to us.

Best Regards, 

Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo





Japan Islamic Foundation 

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