New No Upfront Fee, Bank to Bank, Procedure against your BLOCKFUND MT799. BLOCKFUND should be from one of the Top 25 Banks. If you cannot produce BLOCKFUND MT799 from any of Top 25 Banks, then you have to pay $50,000 to get BG of $500M.
We have started this new Procedure to facilitate those persons who are not ready to pay Upfront Fee of $50,000. If your bank is ready to send Blockfund MT799 to Provider, he will send you MT799 RWA and wants you to reply by MT799 BPU from your Bank. Then Provider will send you MT760 for you to verify and pay Lease charges 10+3 within a week or 10 days.
We can also Monetize it at 55% LTV.
1. Minimum face value is 100M. We do not issue anything lower than 100 Million.
2. Yes sale price is 38+3%.
3. There is no IMFPA for blockfund procedure as the bank is covering the fees. The blockfund copy is used as IMFPA for all intermediaries involved.

Kind Regards,

Hussain Khan, Tokyo