Minimum is $35,000 Upfront Fee for $9.99 or $40,000 for a $19.9 Million SBLC. There is no Escrow.

Provider is not an individual but a big company with several-year old website. With the countersigned DOA, website link of this company will also be given to you. You can do your Due Diligence on this company before payment of upfront fee and you will find it satisfactory.

 This big company is also doing Monetizing at a good LTV. Instead of 55%, I will offer you 60% LTV. 

 I will send you Monetizing Agreement draft of this company later, if you first send DOA duly filled up.

 From 60% LTV, SBLC cost 10+2 will be deducted. You will get net 48% cash remittance after this deduction.

 This will be a golden opportunity for you that by simply investing $35,000 in the beginning for the 1st Tranche of $9 Million, you can apply for a $10.09B SBLCs in 21 Tranches. You may apply for $10.09B, 1st Tranche for $9 Million and the other 20 Tranches of $500M each. Upfront for all Tranches will be paid from the Monetized amount of the earlier Tranche. You have to risk, actually it is not a risk, $35,000 in the beginning for the first Tranche of $9 Million to get more than $4.8 Billion cash for your various projects.