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Information Circular 1/2020

June 17, 2020

Dear All,


Invest $50,000 and Get a Return of $285 Million in 3 weeks through a HSBC Bank's Sister Company as Provider Leasing at 6+2 and our Monetization at 55%


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Now almost all Providers have abandoned Bank to Bank procedures. Almost all of them have shifted to only Upfront Fee procedures. 


Most trustworthy among them is a Provider Company, which is owned by the HSBC Holdings, a company which is also owner of the HSBC Bank, London and of its branches all over the world.


Usually, most of the Providers are individuals and clients are justified to run away from such Providers when they ask for Upfront Fee. But in our case Provider company being a sister company of the HSBC Bank, clients can trust it for paying Upfront Fee without any worries after their Due Diligence.


After the client submits DOA and we submit it to the Provider, we will provide you a Bloomberg page which shows that HSBC Holdings has issued a Bond of $2,500,000,000 Billions for this Provider company. You can see its Sanitized version below. You can judge its relationship with the HSBC Holdings.


We will offer you a link of this Provider company website. You will find phone and email of the company and you can directly contact any company representative on the phone or through its email address to complete your Due Diligence about this Provider Company before payment of $50,000 Upfront Fee.


This Provider Company requires $50,000 for a minimum of SBLC of $1M to $100M and $100,000 for a SBLC of $500M. Price is 6 + 2 for Lease, in which 0.3% of 1% will be available for you. 1% goes to the Provider side and in the other 1% I will have to share it with a friend, who introduced me this Provider.


Almost 99% of clients want Monetization. In such cases, I can give 1% more as commission to the client mandate in addition to 0.3% in the Provider's DOA.


This Company is not suitable for Purchase. It issues it on the condition of Monetization with it. That is a foolish condition from the client point of view. In such a case Monetization cost is deducted. If a client gets a Leased SBLC Monetized, only 6+2 will be deducted. In case of Monetizing a Purchased SBLC, a huge amount will be deducted as cost of Purchase. It is usually several times higher than the Lease price. Thus a very small amount will be left for the client projects.


In case of Purchase, I have a different lady Provider, who requires $50,000 for a Purchase SBLC at 45+2. I am ready to take responsibility for this Upfront fee, as I kow this Provider since long. I will pay you back this $50,000, if she fails to issue your required SBLC.


Usually, I recommend all clients to apply for a minimum of $600M in 2 Tranches of $100M and $500M. They will have to pay only $50,000 to get a Monetized amount of 47%, i.e. almost half of $600M equivalent to $285M. Is it not a good RETURN for the clients to get cash $285 remittance simply by making a small investment of $50,000 with a sister company of a Top Primary Bank of the world like HSBC, London?


Although I get a bigger LTV from my Monetizer but I keep that for myself and offer only 55% as LTV. 6+2 is deducted from it and finally as a net amount, they get 47%. All of them are usually extremely happy to get $285 Million net cash remittance simply by a negligible investment of $50K compared to the reward they will be getting.


Please contact, if you are interested.


Best Regards, 

Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo 

Japan Islamic Foundation 


Skype id: hkhanjp, Insted of Skype, send me a Zoom video meeting link after setting time with me for it through email. 


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