Salam Alaikum, Attached please find 2 DOAs for the Issuance of SBLC from HSBC London or Deutsche Bank and a Monetizing Agreement with LTV 43% for you.   Upfront Fee here is extremely safe, as it will go to a Spanish Attorney. Bar Council of England and Wales will have the authority of Arbitration, if there arises any dispute between the Provider and the Lessee. There is no possibility of such a Provider running away with your Upfront or Transmission Fee. Secondly, you don't have to pay the Leasing Fee. Just by paying 45,000 Euros only, you get cash remittance of over 12 Million Euros within 5 days of MT760 Issuance/ With this initial amount of 12 Million Euros you can apply for higher Face - Value Tranches upto 10B, if your projects require that much funds.  Actually, I have found and negotiated with a Spanish Provider-cum-Monetizer. He has agreed to give a 95% LTV and deduct from it 6+2+1 as Leasing and Monetizing Fee. The remaining 86% will be divided on a 50:50 basis between you and me. If it is acceptable to you then you can proceed with me. Otherwise, you are free to go to other better Providers and Monetizers, if there are any available in a free market. It will be paid to you by the Monetizer within 5 days after his receiving of MT760. You do not have to go to any other Monetizer. We have a different Provider for those who do not want Monetization, not this one who accepts Upfront Fee as Escrow Deposit with an Spanish Attorney. Please fill the attached Forms for as many Tranches as you require funds. For each higher Tranche you do not have to pay from your valuable Savings. You can easily pay them by the Millions of dollars or Euros you receive cash from the Monetization of each Tranche. A sample of 30M with 45,000 is given in the DOAs for your initial guidance. Looking forward to your long term future prosperity with your initial bold spending of 45,000 only by filling the attached 2 DOAs. Escrow Agreement will be sent later. Best Regards,

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