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Please send BCL of our required Verbiage along with your LOI. After receiving BCL of our required Verbiage on client bank’s letterhead by Mail with 2 bank officers sign and bank stamp along with LOI on prescribed format, Provider will countersign the Contract. Then client has to send the same BCL by MT799. On receipt of BCL through MT799, Provider will send MT799 Pre-Advice to client bank. Client  bank is required to issue ICBPO to get the MT760 from the Provider through the Issuing bank. Please send BCL and LOI based on above formats. If you have no cash money  or Credit Line to show your capability to pay through our BCL Verbiage, then please forget about any BG from us. Without a copy of your BCL by mail without MT799, just a copy through email FIRST, we will not move and will not waste your and our time. BCL is not required addressed to Provider in the beginning. But before Contract is signed, It is required as addressed to yourself, by your own bank, not to the Provider. Provider just wants a copy of it to know your CAPABILITY TO PAY . Contract will be signed after seeing bank proof of your capability to pay BG cost. In the beginning BCL may be addressed to yourself by your bank on its letterhead. It says that you have BG cost 12 + 4=16% or at least just 12% available for payment through your CASH FUNDS OR THROUGH YOUR CREDIT FACILITY. Secondly, it also says that if you lease BG or SBLC, your bank is ready to pay Provider fees 12% from your CASH FUNDS OR FROM YOUT CREDIT FACILITY. We do not require any other details about your funds in your bank. As a final step we require MT799 and ICBPO. But the problem is initial step. Please note the Verbiage of our required BCL. We are not asking for any POF or any Proof of cash Reserves. All big buyers have big credit lines with their banks and no cash reserves. Our BCL is asking the same. If your client has Credit Line and no cash, that is OK. And that BCL is not to be issued to us. It is to be issued to the client itself. We just want to see a copy of that. Please noe that Provider is not simply signing your LOI. Before signing it, he has to take consent of the 100% Cash Funder and the Issuing Bank. Provider has to show them that client is CAPABLE of paying BG cost. Without getting the Consent of 100% Cash Funder and the Top Issuing Bank, Provider will not sign Contract. Secondly, when we send MT799 RWA from any Top Issuing Bank, your bank should commit that it is ready to pay 12+4 Lease or 47+ 4 Purchase cost. After you send it to us by mail with LOI, Provider will sign your Contract with all his and Top Issuing bank details. At this stage you have to send the same BCL by MT799 to the Provider bank.. Then Provider will send you MT799 RWA or Pre-Advice. Then you have to send ICBPO. Then Provider will send BG/SBLC MT760, which you have to pay within 10~15 days after verification.  Even if Seller is fake, you lose nothing. He is not asking you to pay any cash in advance. He wants you to show first that you are not fake to waste his time.   First show a copy of BCL, addressed, not to Provider, but to yourself, by your own bank. It will show your worth, it will prove your capability to Purchase. It will show you are not fake.  It will show you are not wasting your and our time.    We will move further only after seeing your BCL.   After this Provider will countersign your LOI to issue BG.   Otherwise you can go to other Provider. Our Procedure is Non-Negotiable.   Kind Regards Hussain Khan, M. A.. (Tokyo) Skype ID:hkhanjp http://www.bg-sblc.com/ http://pakmarineltd.com/ http://www.dawahislamia.com/ http://www.dawahislamia.com/complete-para30-with-detailed-japanese-explanation.php   You can find out further information about me by putting my name, HUSSAIN KHAN, TOKYO, in Google, or YouTube or Amazon or Linkedin Search Engines.    

Please note sending MT799 Pre-Advice First  for free is impossible. It is a huge commitment of several million dollars. No bank will do it without some collateral from you.

MT799 can be issued under any of the following 2 conditions:

1)   Send a BCL that covers BG cost for 100M over BGs

2)   Or Pay Escrow Deposit of $150,000+$5,000. You can apply for BG or SBLC of any amount between $10M to $500M with the same $155,000 Escrow.  It is the same for both Lease or Purchase.