Please note that every client wants MT799 Pre-Advice or RWA from us first, but no Provider in the world will ever do so. It means to make a commitment of millions of dollars of BG as a free gift. No Issuing Bank can be so foolish as to do that without any collateral from the client first. Client has to pay for it first. We will send it if you pay Escrow Deposit $50,000 or send BCL as given in our Links below.

Client procedures are not acceptable. All our Procedures are non-negotiable, as they are approved by the Top Primary Issuing Banks. Accept or Reject them.

Please download or save BCL-based, No Upfront Fee, Bank to Bank Procedures LOIs for Lease or Purchase of BG or SBLC from the following link:


Please download Ecrow Deposit 50,000 Procedure documents from the following link:



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