Please remove the misunderstanding that we are asking you to sign a Contract and issue BCL MT799 first.

We want you to issue BCL by MT799 after we sign your LOI and make it a Contract.

Our problem is that before signing any Contract, we want to know the client has the capacity to pay through Cash Funds or through Credit Facility or not. Provider cannot sign a blind contract to everyone who asks for it without knowing client’s capacity to pay. 

Secondly, we also want commitment from your bank that after we sign Contract, your bank is ready to send BCL by MT799 or not. Without knowing your bank’s consent about MT799, how can we issue any Contract? No Provider will sign a blind contract without knowing anything about the client and about the client bank’s readiness to issue  BCL with MT799 .

Therefore, we want BCL on your bank letterhead to get confirmation of above 2 points.

What is our advantage to collect your data and vanish? How is this vanishing going to help us and how is it going to harm you?

Such baseless imaginative fears are just a hurdle to proceed. We have a genuine need to know about you through your BCL copy by mail, not by MT799, in the beginning, to issue Contract.

If a person starts doubting everyone in the world for the reason that someone had cheated him earlier in a similar way, we have no prescription to remove such imaginative fears about us. If that bitter experience makes you doubtful of every genuine Provider, who is not asking any cash money from you, to run away with, we have no medicine to remove such unrealistic and imaginative fears. Why should we waste our time and what benefit or advantage we gain by just to take your data and vanish, if we cannot sign Contract and issue MT799 and MT760? 

However, I am attaching a sanitized copy of a recent Contract we had with a Mexican client and his BCL to remove your pre-conceived and imaginative fears and doubts.

However, if you cannot issue BCL copy by mail with LOI, we cannot proceed with you. You can go to some other Provider who can facilitate you.

I am sorry for the mistake in writing that we do not need any ICBPO. Provider has amended it recently due to some bitter experiences earlier.

Looking forward to a positive change in your thinking.