Circular Letter for Information to All
Top Primary Issuing Bank RWA Bank to Bank
Letter by Secured Email on Payment of Euro26,000
 or Pre-Advice By MT799 on Payment of $50,000
I have 2 Providers. Canadian Provider charges Euro26,000 and American Provider charges Euro/$50,000 to send RWA from the Top Primary Issuing Bank. Both of them send it for any face value of BG/SBLC Lease as well as for Sale of any face value of BG/SBLC.
I am Mandate to Canadian Provider. But he usually delays it by 3 to 4 weeks. His charges are 9 +3 for Lease and Sells BG/SBLC at 52 +3. He accepts all small amounts from One Million onwards. It is not Escrow deposit but direct payment to his-suggested account, which is my account in Tokyo.
American one usually sends it within 10 banking days. His charges are 10+4 for Lease and 42 + 4 for Sale. He accepts minimum 10M for Lease and minimum 500M for sale. He has a Lawyer to which $50,000 are to be remitted as Escrow Deposit. I am not his Mandate but Next to Mandate. He sends it as Pr-Advice by Swift MT799.
Below is a Sanitized copy of Deutshe Bank Readiness Letter sent by the Canadian Provider to a client who had paid old rate of $28,000 (now it is Euro26,000).
It is delayed by over a month. Most of the clients grow impatient for such delays, but they get it at lower price than that of the American Provider. To avoid Swift expenses, it was sent recently Bank to Bank by Secured Mail.
Hussain Khan, Tokyo


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