Please note that minimum Escrow Deposit has been reduced from $255K to $155K

since December 16, 2016

Type : doc(Hussain-Lessee) Escrow Agreement for 5K.doc
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Escrow Procedure:

Provider will not countersign your Contract, nor send MT799 without first getting confirmation of your Escrow remittance of $150,000 + $5,000 for BG from S20M to $100M.

He and Attorney will sign Escrow Agreement, not Contract, before your remittance.

Or you can visit Attorney and Mandate in Jordan and pay after meeting them face to face. Come back if you feel these people are fraud and unreliable. But If you feel satisfied. then stay there one week and come back with a copy of MT799 within a week after your payment to Attorney.

Otherwise, take back your money from Attorney. He and Mandate will not run away during your one-week stay. Attorney is always available in Jordan Chamber of Commerce since last several years.

I have tested Provider and he had sent MT799 from HSBC to a client of mine.

If you do not need Monetization, it is well and good.

 I think no Monetizer gets any benefit if he cannot perform. All Monetizers know that they will be wasting their own time if they are unable to perform. They get no benefit if they receive MT799 Pre-Advice in their bank and they let it go wasted. They spoil their own credibility in the eyes of their own bank. The risk of any Monetizer not performing is very little, even though I had no opportunity to test that Monetizer.

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