2nd Procedure through UK Lawyer:

Please see the link below for the details of this Procedure



Instrument type: BG/SBLC (Minimum 50M)

Total face value: AMOUNTS IN EITHER - USD/EUR

Issuing Bank: BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, Commerzbank Switzerland or

Credit Agricole. Lease total fee: 15%+3%; 44+3% of Face Value

1. Proof of Capability Letter from the Client SRA Regulated UK Lawyer firm; 2. CIS/KYC signed and filled and returned back with the Proof of Capability Letter. All the compliance package requirement in the CIS/KYC must be submitted as well e.g Passport copy, Incorporated Certificate of company of client, just as stated in the

CIS/KYC temple, and from the Clients SRA Regulated Lawyer firm.

3.      Provider will issue a draft contract agreement, and it will come with IMFPA and

Undertaking Form that Client SRA lawyer must issue to secure the Agent and Provider commissions.

After DOA is accepted and signed then the client/applicant must deposit the fee (15+3)(44+3) into 'their' own SRA regulated lawyers client account in London and their lawyer sign an undertaking letter to pay the fee. This pre-deposited fee is only requested from their lawyer once the clients receiving bank has verified and confirmed the receipt of the MT799/760 "the instrument" (will only be issued to receivers designated bank account immediately after Providers Law Firm has a confirmation of the Receiver’s UK SRA Law Firm on the “PAYMENT UNDERTAKING LETTER”).

4.      Provider’s issuing bank sends SWIFT RWA MT799 to the Client’s Receiving Bank and Client’s receiving bank verifies and confirms to issuing Bank.

5.      Provider’s issuing bank issues the leased SBLC (MT760) via SWIFT to the Receiving Bank and the Receiving bank verifies and confirms to issuing Bank.

6.      Receiver/client instructs he’s UK SRA Law Firm to release the MT103 payment for the benefit of the Provider Law Firm.

7.      The hard copy will go normally by Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.


There’s no any upfront fees or pre-payments, and the total fees of 10+3 OR 15+3 / 44+3 are to be paid only after client receives his bank confirmation on the MT799/760, and after authenticate it.

(once an applicant/client has begun the application process, there is a transaction track record upon request as many instruments have been issued)

If Client do not have a Lawyer firm in London, they may wish to consider a Law Firm that have worked with this provider successfully:






RE:  Purchase/ Lease of Bank Instrument


TRANSACTION CODE: To be provided via Purchase Agreement


Dear Sir,


I, _____________________, the undersigned, representing _________________ hereby confirm under penalty of perjury, my full commitment and agreement to purchase a Bank issued instrument in the amount of __________  Euros (€), subject to my acceptance of the terms, conditions and procedures that shall be outlined by contract.




        Instrument:                                 BG / Standby Letter of Credit

        Total Face Value:                       Hundred Million Euros (€) - Cashed Backed

        Issuing Bank:                    

        I.S.I.N/CUSIP #:                        

        Term:                                 One Year, One Day

        Purchase Price:                           percent (44%) of Face Value PLUS 3% FACE –BUY-SIDE SELL

        Lease Price:                                percent(15%)  of Face Value PLUS 3% FACE –BUY-SIDE SELL


        Financial Consideration:            €……………. MILLION EUROS TOTAL

        Delivery:                                     TO BE AGREED BETWEEN PARTIES

        Payment:                                    to Coordinates as Detailed

        Commission:                              THREE Percent (3%) of Face Value Paid by the Buyer


Furthermore, I hereby warrant and represent that I have available funds in the amount required for the purchase of said Bank Instrument. The funds are clean, clear funds, free of any levy, liens or encumbrances and of non-criminal origin.  I hereby warrant and represent that the Rule of Full-disclosure has established these funds were legally obtained from non-criminal business or actions.  I further confirm that I am the beneficial owner of these cash funds and that I have full signatory authority and control thereof, and that such funds are available for immediate use at my sole discretion.


I am prepared to instruct my bank to act upon the xxxxxx,000,000.000 Instrument as required.


I, the undersigned, hereby swear under penalty of perjury, that the information provided herein is accurate
and true as of this date:.       


Signature:  ___________________________________


Name / Title:


Passport Number:   

Date of Issue:     

Date of Expiry:  

Country of Issuance:   


Signature:  ___________________________________


Name / Title:


Passport Number:     

Date of Issue:     

Date Of Expiry: 

Country of Issuance: