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In every PPP, you have to risk 100% loss of your BG. You get some Weekly profits for 1 year as long as that PPP is not facing any big loss. If it undergoes any loss it will confiscate your Blocked BG or Cash Deposit to cover its loss. But the incidents of PPP bankruptcies are extremely low, as Specialists manage it carefully.

If you are interested to take this risk, please provide following documents:

1.- Letter of Intent,

2.- Client Information Sheet,

3.- Profit sharing Agreement, must be completed and notarized by the Investor or Client, for proceed to forward with the financial operation of investment at PPP.

4.- bank account statement, recent issued by  bank.

5.- color copy of Passport needed for start and issuing of Trade Contract.

We require above documents to proceed. As a 1st step you have to send first 2 documents.

Then we will send you Profit-sharing Agreement in which you will receive 140%, Monetizer share will be 50% and Intermediary (Myself) will take 10% of weekly payments for one year. Your share of 140% will amount to about $2,500,000 weekly for one year in case of a 100M BG blocked with the PPP.

You will know further details about it in our Agreement draft. At that stage you can ask further questions for clarification.

Please send CIS and Letter of intention as a 1st step to proceed.

Kind Regards,

Hussain Khan, M. A., Tokyo

Skype ID:hkhanjp