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Due to rush of hundreds of applications for BG or SBLC, two of my Providers have stopped accepting new applications temporarily. MT799 First without any collateral is not available any more for the time being. 


Now we have 3 Procedures available. One with american Provider based on requirement of BCL and 2 Procedures with an European Provider based 1% bank balance Procedure and Escrow Procedure.

Details of BCl procedure are available on the following links:







European Provider is accepting applications based on his 2 procedures. 1st is based on No Upfront Fee, as Provider will send you MT799 Pre-Advice from Top Primary Issuing Bank first without any payment from you.


Under this Procedure, we are not interested in any POF. If the Buyer or Lessee has at least 1% cash in his bank account, we can proceed.


Issuing Bank will send him MT799 Pre-Advice, if he could give BCL or 6-month bank statements of 1% cash. After verifying Pre-Advice, he has to remit that 1% to Provider bank. Then Issuing Bank will send him or to his Monetizer MT760. After deducting 1% from the BG cost, balance is to be paid in 5 days.


If required, we can monetize MT760 after client pays 1% from his own funds in response to MT799 Pre-Advice. Monetizer will pay balance BG cost, 6-1=5%, after deducting 1% and send remaining 44% cash to the client out of total 50% LTV of Monetized amount.


Escrow Procedure of European Provider and Monetization:


His 2nd Procedure is based on refundable Escrow deposit. He has a long list of about 20 well-established, reputed Attorneys, working since long in US and UK. All of them cannot be Fraud or Scammers to run away with your Escrow deposits closing their long-established offices. US Attorneys are working under the supervision of Treasury Department, Anti-Financial Crimes Section, as they are all registered with it. There is no possibility of any Attorney run away with your Escrow deposit or be unfair with you.


You have to choose one of those 20 Attorneys and get an Escrow Agreement signed by Provider and by your selected Attorney before sending any Escrow deposit. You are not allowed to make any direct contacts with any Attorney. It should be all through the Provider. You can have your own independent DD about them for selecting the best one.


We can monetize Escrow-based SBLCs on 50% LTV and can even pay SBLC or BG cost from out of this 50% and remit balance to you.


Provider will not countersign your Contract, nor send MT799 without first getting confirmation of your Escrow remittance of $100,000 + $5,000 for BGs from S101M to $500M or $50,000 + $5,000 for BGs from $10M to $100M from any of his about 20 Attorneys in UK and USA.


You have to send your bank balance statement showing availability of Escrow funds.


He and Attorney will sign Escrow Agreement, not Contract, before your remittance.


Bank Coordinates of Monetizer will be informed and an Agreement with Monetizer will be finalized, if you get Escrow Agreement signed by the Provider and the Attorney before your remittance. MT760 SBLC Verbiage required by the Monetizer has already been approved by our British Provider to issue MT760.


Also please send balance sheet of the bank from where these $100k+$5K remittances will be made to show that money is available to remit.


On our side, it makes no difference if the names are different or remittances are from different banks etc. We will work on your LOI names.





Please do not waste your time in suggesting any changes or any new Procedures of your liking. No Provider accepts them. All their procedures are non-negotiable. Choose any one of the available procedures that suits you best.







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