1. Attached please find NCNDA for your clients to fill in and send us back with SBLC face value amount and Bank details which will send SBLC to our Bank.
  2. We will send you Monetizing Agreement with our Sign and Stamp. You send it back to us with your details.
  3. In case of any Secondary Bank, our LTV will be 23+2 or 18+2 depending on the status of your Secondary Bank. In case of SBLC from Top 25 Banks, our LTV will be 58+2. Commission 2% is open for you. 1% will be for you and 1% is for any other broker between you and the client. Or you may distribute this 2% as you like.
  4. Your Bank will send MT799 Pre-Advice to our Bank.
  5. We will send you back our Acceptance of your MT760 SBLC through MT799. It means we will pay you as per our Monetizing Agreement.
  6. Your bank sends MT760, we will remit all payments within 10 days after verification of your MT760 SBLC as per the Monetizing Agreement.

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