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From: Wondershare Mailer <service@service.wondershare.com> Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 9:16:02 AM To: KHAN <hussaintokyo5@gmail.com> Subject: (TID1078506622629793792)「 Wondershareのサポートセンター」回答のお知らせ ライセンス: 永久ライセンス(1PC) ライセンス数: 1 製品登録時に使用するメールアドレス: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com 登録コード:6C1FFB12D3B0020212C1EF122F740403   Dear customer, Thanks for getting in touch. This is Maggie from Wondershare Software support team. Yes,here is your requested information: Wondershare PDFelement 6 Pro (Japanese) ライセンス: 永久ライセンス(1PC) ライセンス数: 1 製品登録時に使用するメールアドレス: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com 登録コード:6C1FFB12D3B0020212C1EF122F740403 If you have any other inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Regards, Maggie Support Team Wondershare Software http://support.wondershare.com =========================================================== Created:Tue Feb 25 08:16:02 2020 Subject:Pardot Assigned Prospect: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com Prospect Assignment: Hussain Khan   Assigned User: Support Wondershare </hussaintokyo5@gmail.com></service@service.wondershare.com>

Full Prospect Details   View in Pardot: https://pi.pardot.com/prospect/read/id/31811904   Email: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com   First name: Hussain Khan   Campaign: Google AdWords   Score: 35   Assigned user: Support Wondershare   Country: Japan   Industry: Banking   Source: https://www.wondershare.net/ad/pdf-editor/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz5WYlvTo5wIVhamWCh0tFQZLEAAYASAAEgKpovD   Original Referring URL: https://www.wondershare.net/ad/pdf-editor/?gcli...   Comments SF: retrieve my license   No. of Licenses Needed: 1   Receive tips: on   version: popup-inquiry Recent Activity   Form Handler: ...rm - Home Page + Business Page - Success - Feb 24, 2020 8:57 AM INBOX HK5GMAIL x Wondershare x

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Dear - Khan

Thanks for purchasing Wondershare product. Below is your registration information of this software.

Notice: If you also added Download Insurance Service (provided by our partner) into your order, please visit http://www.download-insurance.com to retrieve your backup file at any time.

Product name:Wondershare PDFelement OCR(CPC)Version:3.6.0License type:Single-User Personal LicenseLicense number:1Licensed e-mail:hussaintokyo5@gmail.comRegistration code:05DE9017D0690A0748DC9E1877E7D318Download URL:http://download.wondershare.net/pdf-editor-ocrv3601_full1148.exe 

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Customer Support

The following is your account information on our Support Center.
Support URL: http://support.wondershare.com
E-mail: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com
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to me

Dear - Khan,


Congratulations! Your Wondershare PDFelement has been upgraded to the latest version. 5.7.4. Below is your registration information for this version.
Product name: Wondershare PDFelement
Version: 5.7.4
Licensed e-mail: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com
Registration code: 9F3E06007F05EB0F7D15550CF4536009
License type: Single-User Personal License
License number: 1
Download URL: http://download.wondershare.com/pdfelement_full1042.exe

Kindly Note: It is highly recommended to download the latest version from the URL above to guarantee you can register it successfully. Both licensed e-mail and registration code are case sensitive. Please ensure there’s no trailing blank when using the copy and paste method to enter your licensed E-mail and registration code.

If you have any further questions or confusions, it is highly recommended to get fast and accurate assistance from our online tutorials and FAQs here:http://support.wondershare.comIf our tutorials and FAQs could not help you out, please contact our support team with as many details as possible. Our support team will reply to you as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours). There are 2 ways to contact us :Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/WS_supportOnlineform: http://support.wondershare.com/contact-support/contact-support-team1.htmlWondershare launched its Member Zone. Various free stuff and exclusive high discounts are available; you can reach out and take all the free benefits right now by Signing in:http://my.wondershare.com/If you already have an account, you can sign in to our Member Zone with your own email and password.-------------------------------------------------------------------E-mail: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com-------------------------------------------------------------------To reset your password, please click the link here:http://my.wondershare.com/user/resetPassword?vid=MTQ0ODMyNjg0NXxodXNzYWludG9reW81QGdtYWlsLmNvbXxOQUFoQXhReFhITkRjVFpTZFFRWFpsNTNRblZ2QUhWVlNtUlJKaGNtTXdoeFhSQXhEU05ESVE%3DIf you don’t have an account yet, the following is your Wondershare ID to sign in our Member Zone. You can sign in with the Email and the initial password listed below.-------------------------------------------------------------------E-mail: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com-------------------------------------------------------------------To reset your password, please click the link here:http://my.wondershare.com/user/resetPassword?vid=MTQ0ODMyNjg0NXxodXNzYWludG9reW81QGdtYWlsLmNvbXxOQUFoQXhReFhITkRjVFpTZFFRWFpsNTNRblZ2QUhWVlNtUlJKaGNtTXdoeFhSQXhEU05ESVE%3DKind note: Please check you have a good network connection before you sign in.Best Regards,Support TeamWondershare Softwarehttp://www.wondershare.com

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From: cleverbridge / LMH Soft [mailto:no-reply@cleverbridge.com]
Sent: Friday, August 7, 2015 12:05 AM
To: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com
Subject: Reference #77998418: Your e-Campaign Standard Edition (Upgrade) order


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Thank you for your order.

Below you will find your cleverbridge reference number. To ensure the most prompt and efficient service, please always refer to your reference number when contacting us.

Your cleverbridge reference number: 77998418


Payment information

Your credit card (xxxxxxxxxxxxx3560) has been successfully authorized. Please note that the charge on your credit card will appear as "www.cleverbridge.net."


Your products


Product name



e-Campaign Standard Edition (Upgrade)


Your product key:

e-Campaign Standard Edition, Single-User License
Serial#: 02D20-1E102-EB001-OHF43-603CB
Download: http://www.LmhSoft.com/ecamp.zip


Your purchase documents

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to open this PDF file. If this software is not yet installed on your computer, please download a free version here.

8/6/2015 - Invoice

A PDF with the General Terms and Conditions of Business of cleverbridge AG is attached to this email.

Support options

Technical and product-related support

If you have any technical or product-related inquiries, you may contact LMH Soft using the following information:


Website: http://www.lmhsoft.com/contact.html


Email: support@lmhsoft.com


Payment and order-related support

If you have any payment or order-related inquiries, feel free to contact cleverbridge Customer Support.


cleverbridge Customer Support


cleverbridge AG

Brabanter Str. 2-4 - 50674 Cologne - Germany


Management: Christian Blume, Dr. Oliver Breme, Martin Trzaskalik, Craig Vodnik


Chairman of Supervisory Board: Dr. Michael Inhester


Registry court: HRB 58900 - Local Court of Cologne