Swiss Provider needs 8% POF and Monetizer is ready to give it, if client CIS is satisfactory and Project is feasible. 

PLEASE  SUBMIT FIRST YOUR CIS AND PROJECT FEASIBILITY REPORT" ON YOUR COMPANY LETTERHEAD IN DETAIL TO GET APPROVAL FOR ISSUING AND MONETIZING YOUR REQUIRED SBLC. Please send these first with your plan of funding it through 47% of SBLC, details of your Tranches and about relevant Upfront Fee payments, which you are ready to pay when required.

YOU CAN SEND DOA FOR SBLC LATER AFTER GETTING MONETIZER APPROVAL FOR YOUR PROJECT FUNDING. Provider is not asking to show financial capacity of the client. But it may be helpful, not necessary, if shown with CIS and Project Feasibility. Some clients are showing it without our requirement to facilitate Monetizer approval for NR LOAN.

Procedure of our New Swiss Provcider


Please keep Receiving Bank box blank while filling Swiss DOA. Monetizer will provide his Bank coordinates after inspection of your documents, DOA, CIS, Project Feasibility Report etc.,on your Company Letterhead. He may even provide this 8% POF, if he approves Monetization for you.

In the meantime, I have requested the Provider to drop this condition as follows:

"Dear Mr. ......,
Usually I have clients who are ready to pay Upfront Fee, but want to get their SBLCS Monetized.
But, unfortunately, you have a condition for a POF of 8% in advance. No Monetizer is prepared to do that. All of them are ready to issue BPU, as is the usual practice in this trade after your MT799 RWA.
Kindly drop this condition to facilitate the clients to apply for SBLC to you.
What is the risk for you? How much money do you lose if a client doesn't pay Upfront Fee after your countersign?
Of course your time will be wasted. But this wastage of time is better than shutting the door completely on a large number of potential clients.
Also please note that those clients who can give POF will never pay Upfront Fee. Such clients regard it an insult to their pride and below the dignity to their wealth. This has been my experience during the last 16 years of my life in this business.
They will surely ask you to send MT799 Pre-Advice against their POF. None of them will ever  agree to pay any Upfront fee in addition to POF.
KINDLY drop this condition to make your DOA MORE REALISTIC AND PRACTICAL to increase the success rate of dealings with you.Such an unusual condition tantamounts to closing doors on both type of clients."

Looking forward to your positive response to this humble request for mutual benefit.


email: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com; Skype ID: hkhanjp; Mobile: 81-8088366905. Email if you want prompt response. I may not be available on Skype or Phone so easily but I see emails and respond promptly 24 hours, 365 days.