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April 23, 2020

Choose which of the 2 available Procedures is more trustworthy for paying Upfront Fee $35,000




Hussain Khan <hussaintokyo5@gmail.com> 

4:09 AM (2 minutes ago) 




to me 


Over $500M SBLCs Available with Monetization on payment of only $35,000 

Upfront Fee $35,000 is non-negotiable condition to proceed   


 We can do all the funding required for your projects. But there is no free lunch in the world.  Even to buy a fish, you have to pay CASH. No Issuing Bank accepts your POF, or BPU, or BCL or any Bank document. It requires Transmission Fees in Advance in Cash. No Provider in the world will pay Upfront Fee in advance on your behalf. 

  If you are prepared for it, we can proceed. Without it, we will be wasting each other’s time and you can go to other Provider, if you are mentally NOT prepared to pay Upfront Fee.  

Your problem is how to trust a Provider for paying Upfront Fee, as you might have heard stories of or had experience of Fake Providers. We are presenting Procedures of 2 Providers to let you decide which one can be more trustworthy in your eyes. 

One of them offers Bank to Bank RWA Letter from HSBC Bank, Head Office, London and ISIN No. to verify of an already existing SBLC before your payment of Upfront Fee. Its LTV for Monetization is 55% of SBLC face value. 

2nd Procedure does not issue RWA Letter but HSBC Bank Issuing Officer signs on the Refund Undertaking. But in both cases clients are not allowed to contact Issuing Bank for confirmation.  

It is not an individual independent Provider. It is a salaried Provider of an old big British Company existing since last several years. It is not expected that any salaried Provider of this big Company has the authority to transfer your Upfront Fee to his personal Account from the Company Account and run away with it leaving his job in the Company as a Provider.  

The trustworthy aspect of this Company is that its multifarious financial activities in different wide financial fields can be seen on its London website, which we will provide you before your Upfront Fee payment with the countersigned Contract from the Provider. This will help the client for his Due Diligence about the Provider. And you will find that the Provider company is trustworthy.  

Moreover, in case of this Company, LTV is better than the 1st Provider. It is 5% more than the 1st company. It is 60%. 5% more means extra $25 Million dollar in your net Monetized amount of a $500M SBLC. 

Please choose any one of the 2 to pay Upfront Fee. 

This condition of paying $35,000 Upfront Fee is non-negotiable. There is no Escrow deposit and no BCL, POF or BPU required. No transaction is possible without the Upfront payment. 


Both are also Monetizers in addition to being Providers also. SBLC cost 10+2 will be deducted from the LTV. You will get cash remittance after this deduction of net 43% in case of the 1st Provider, or 48% in case of the 2nd Provider. 

 This will be a golden opportunity for you that by simply investing $35,000 in the beginning for the 1st Tranche of $9 Million or $19 Million, you can apply for a $500M SBLC in 2nd Tranche. You may apply for $509M, or $519M in which 1st Tranche will be for $9 Million or $19 Million and the other 2nd Tranche for $500M.

Upfront Fee for the 2nd Tranche is $200,000, But it will be paid from the Monetized amount of the 1st Tranche. 

 You have to risk, actually it is not a risk, $35,000 in the beginning for the first Tranche of $9 or $19 Million to get more than $245 or $270 Million cash for your various projects.

 And this process can be repeated as many times as you need for funding your projects 

Please do not miss this golden opportunity under the fear of losing $35,000. 

Best Regards, 

Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo 



Japan Islamic Foundation 

Email: hussaintokyo5@gmail.com 

Skype id: hkhanjp 

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